Gabrielle Alioth


In the province of irrelevance
We shelter under medieval roofs
From the incipient rain
Looking at murals of long lost wars.

No words after this
We said.
No names for the unspeakable
We repeat
Over dinners of doves
and laurel-spiced lamb.

But the fires will burn again
Sparked by forgetfulness
Fed by greed,
While we draw curtains,
Switch channels
and don’t look beyond.

Tomorrow the rain may have ceased.
It might be cold and we will walk faster
Choking the longing
For pain to return.

Siebenundzwanzig Jahre im irisch-englischen Sprachraum haben mich gelehrt zu tun, wozu mir in der Schweiz der Mut fehlte: Gefühle in Worte zu fassen. Politik ist (auch) Gefühlssache; die Worte sind Englisch.


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